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Joomla! Default Templates (part 1)

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! Default Templates (part 1) Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! Default Templates (part 1)
As Wikipedia states, a protostar is a large mass that forms by contraction out of the gas of a giant molecular cloud in the interstellar medium. However, if you ask a Joomla! addict what Protostar is, he is sure to answer a default Joomla! template.

Joomla! 3 and Protostar

Joomla! 3.0 brings with it a simple yet elegant frontend default template - Protostar. This template is great for a website startup. It includes both the MooTools and the Bootstrap libraries.

Protostar is:
a Joomla! 3 frontend default template
designed with the help of Twitter Bootstrap
super easy to customize
mobile ready

The coolest thing about Protostar is that it also works just fine with Joomla! 2.5! So if you are still hesitating about migration, don't - Protostar will lead you! And those of you that are not trusting or just insecure about Twitter Bootstrap working fine with Joomla! 3, I have to say, you better change your behavior!

We trusted, We tested – We are satisfied!

What B2J loves about Protostar?

B2J team have been playing with Protostar for quite a bit and these are the things we've loved so far about this Joomla! 3 frontend default template! Joomla! users can easily customize the template parameters making it suit their taste. Change the background color, paste a code for a gradient! It works miracles!

Protostar also gives you a great variety of font parameters for your h1-h6 tags and site title. Worried 'cause you don't want to use Google Fonts? Not a problem! This cool parameter has an on/off toggle for you!

You have probably experienced this Joomla! moment, when the installation process was successfully done and you want to get rid of the enormous Joomla! logo, but in vain, right? Yeah, been there, done that! Protostar takes your Joomla! website title from meta data locating it at the top of your website. Alternatively, you may replace it with your own text or a logo!

An amateur Joomla! lover? Enable Protostar in your Joomla! template manager. Have a look!

Are you a Joomla! developer? Then you ought to test your extensions against Protostar!


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