Friday, 11 January 2013 19:36

Joomla! Default Templates (part 2)

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! Default Templates (part 2) Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! Default Templates (part 2)
Joomla 3 and Beez 3

As we know Joomla! 3 not only brought Protostar but also an updated accessible template called Beez3.

Why use Twitter Bootstrap? It is automatically mobile ready by default, incredibly famous, has got a uniform interface for all extensions and it sure saves time! The dialogue between Joomla! and the Twitter Bootstrap is a productive one, indeed. The result is Joomla! 3 with all its awesomeness!

Beez3 is an easy to customize Joomla3 frontend template with great accessibility standards and a wide range of css and javascript techniques.

So, boiling it down Beez3 is:
a Joomla! 3 frontend default template
designed with the help of Twitter Bootstrap
super easy to customize
mobile ready

What to know about Beez 3

Beez is an extended template for Joomla! 3. The key parts of this default template are design, accessibility and flexibility.

If you are familiar with the Beez template version 1.5 then you probably know that it is an easily accessible and adaptable template. Beez 3 may appear a bit complicated however it is very simple to install.

What J! user should know about Beez 3:

You can access it in /SITE/templates/beez directory

The /html subdirectory and its subdirectories contain theme overrides, individually designed to make heavy use of CSS formatting. So, if a J! user wants, he/she can edit the articles by editing this file: /SITE/templates/beez/html/com_content/article/default.php

Beez gives you the advantage to determine the heading hierarchy of your articles in the backend

Beez also uses many stylesheets, so you may need to edit IE-only stylesheets to enable your Joomla! website to work on multiple browsers.You can find the following stylesheets default in the SITE/beez/css directory: ie7only.css,ieonly.css, layout.css, position.css, print.css,template.css

Note: Editing the Beez 3 Template is the same as with Beez 2. As to the design and the CSS, Beez 3 has got a maximum width and uses the relative specification ' em ' for the type size.

If you look at a Joomla! template and see a nice combination of colors and graphics, then I would suggest you to have another look:) Joomla! template is far more than what you see at first glance. In Joomla! templates we value the shape and positioning of the content as much. It is more important how the design gets implemented in technical terms.

Joomla! 3 with its cool default templates - Protostar and Beez 3, is a great example!