Wednesday, 07 June 2017 23:08

Joomla Download Manager With New Features

Written by Gaurav Jain
Joomla Download Manager With New Features

Your wait is over...JoomDownloads 1.1.0 is released with lots of improvements and new features. Here is the glimpse of what you are getting with latest JoomDownloads release.

We have introduced some changes in the overall access control functionality. In previous version, product access can be controlled and all the access restriction applied on the product will be applicable to all the releases that comes under that product. There is no way to apply restriction only on selected releases of a product or different access rights on different releases of a product. For wider scope, we have moved this functionality from product to release section so that you can take decision for each individual release and can apply different set of access on different releases.

With latest version, you will also see some modification on frontend display. Dedicated release section has been introduced so that you can display details about specific release. For customer point of view, this section plays a crucial role. Customer can decide with ease which version to download by looking on the release specific details.

Along with these changes, we are now integrated with Payplans. So now you can have a paid download system using Joom-Downloads latest release. This feature allows admin to have a complete paid download system or a subscription based download system. This feature will open up the possibility of setting up a system where you can have multiple products with multiple releases and each release varies from free to multiple paid versions. Completely possible with Joom-Downloads.

With this release we are offering two variants of Joom-Downloads, one free and another Paid version.
Free version includes all the basic functionality that are needed for a product download system like categorization, products, releases, statistics etc. You can download it from our website and use it for your business without any charges. With free version, no support will be provided but bug fixes and other core changes will be released time to time.

And with paid version, you will get additional features like access control, custom-fields, Integration with Payplans and Joomla Article system etc. Along with these features, paid version also includes support and assistance.

Download and use the latest version of Joom-Downloads and share your experience with us. Your feedback really matters to us.

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