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Joomla! for business

Written by Ani Avdalyan
Joomla! for business

What is the picture of world nowadays? All we are interconnected, everything is digitalized and life without Internet is like a nightmare. Numbers generally speak louder than words for cases like this, so let us take a brief look on them. As HubSpot reports, more than 700 million websites exist on the Internet and more than 5,067 webpages are created per minute. More and more consumers seek info about products and services on the Web and rely on shared experience, comments and reviews of the other users. And more and more business owners ask themselves a question, ''Does my business need a website?'' Yes, for sure, as there are different reasons of web-presence to be a must. Here they are:


#1. Customers tend to trust you more

Would you trust yourself a business that does not have a phone number or exact address? Probably, not. The same thing comes to web presence. If you could not be found on the Internet, it may seem suspicious for many customers.


#2. Website is the strongest tool of promotion

Website works like 1000 salespersons at a time. It represents you 24/7, disregarding the time and the distance between you and your potential and existing customers.


#3. Web site will help you survive the market competition

Competing at the market is really hard without a website. If customers can't find you, they are sure to find someone else. The fact that most businesses similar to yours are already present on the web should be alarming.


#4. Website is a front door to your brand

Believe us, it is not only an extra line on your visit card. An incredible website is not only an information source, but also a great weapon for turning a stranger into a new loyal lover of your brand. When you don't have one, it's like blocking your storefront. Does that make sense?


It is simple, that the list of reasons is not limited to the mentioned. A well-crafted website is a necessity for the ones who are eager to grow and to develop.

Still there is another question that bothers business starters. What is the best practice of creating a website? Where to start and what to do? For sure, if a company has its own IT department, the answer to the questions will be given by some smart and technically advanced folks.

But what about a business lacking in resources or the non-programming newbies who have a passion of creating everything themselves? This is when Content Management Systems and the most popular of them, Joomla! comes to the rescue!


If you are not afraid of challenges, but at the same time are not extremely advanced in technology, Joomla! will make you feel just right.

Why is it amazing to use Joomla! for creating websites for commercial and non-commercial purposes?


#1. It is simple!

Joomla! is not that difficult to set up. Web is full of detailed step-by-step tutorials, forums, documentation which will help the starters to get down to business immediately. Besides, you can always ask the large community for support. All you need to start is just the willingness!


#2. It saves your money!

Is your business lacking in financial resources? Never mind! The access to Joomla! is free, and it is a great advantage. There is huge range of non-commercial templates and Joomla! extensions available, which are perfect to beginners to start. Though you will still have to pay for additional components in case you want to change the design, personalize your site or extend functionality, but the game is worth the candles! After seeing the incredible result you will actually forget the amount spend on it.


#3. Sites using Joomla! look so good!

Due to simplicity of managing the overall design of the site and the look of content elements you can make your customers become obsessed with your website. Just choose the right template and other extensions to personalize the website and to make it user-friendly. All you have to do now is sit back and watch the increasing engagement of users!


#4. Joomla! is popular and trusted!

Still uncertain about choosing Joomla! for your website? Take a time to see the ones, who already did it! Danone, Ikea, Ebay, Harvard University and many others use Joomla! It has been downloaded over 35 million times and this is not random. Never hesitate to be the next to try it!


#5.Creating with Joomla! is always fun!

Building a website yourself is an enjoyable experience. And guess what? Joomla! doubles the joy! One of my friends who now owns a successful web-design company once started building websites just for fun! Why not give it a try? Maybe it will be a path to expand your business!


Want to find many other reasons to use Joomla! ? Just try it and you will know them for sure!

After all, remember that staying on the same place is equal to moving backward! Joomla! is the future! So start moving towards it today! And remember to share your experience with us!

We already love Joomla! What about you?


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