Monday, 17 December 2012 19:31

Joomla! Humble Bundle

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! Humble Bundle Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! Humble Bundle
As we head into the New Year, the JoomlArt team has already set a new year resolution and got it going: "We came up with the initial idea for the Joomla! Humble Bundle project which we strongly believe would contribute a significant value to the Joomla! community itself and certainly a great benefit to all our dearest customers here in the JoomlArt community as well as all the Joomla! lovers out there".

Joomla! Humble Bundle? What's that?

Joomla! Humble Bundle is based on the initial Humble Bundle idea! As Joomla! has got so much to share with us, the Joomla! lovers will definitely appreciate this cause by giving back. Awesome sales by Joomla! templates, extensions and services providers to help get more funding for the Joomla! project! Become a Joomla! Bundle buyer! Are you a Joomla! lover? Do you consider yourself a Joomla! addict? Then become Joomla! Bundle buyer! You produce Joomla! extensions, huh? Want to join in? Go for it! The first deal is live featuring JoomlArt & JomSocial. They already got together over this idea, providing interesting deals. New Joomla! partners are welcomed!

Feel like joining, what to do?

Pick your deal and Name your price, as simple as that!

The deals are limited in time, so be careful not to miss cause you get to pick one deal at a time.

Pay-what-you-want sales for Joomla!

Remember, you are donating to Joomla! so it's up to you, name your price. The minimum possible is $30.

Why take part? What's the benefit?

First by becoming a Joomla! Bundle buyer, you get a chance to give back to the society you live in - to the Joomla! community. Besides this, you enhance the Joomla! awareness bringing more talented people into the Joomla! world.

Furthermore, this is a truly good deal cause you get what you want and pay what you want! (Though, be careful not to miss, as this sale is for a limited time) All in all Joomla! connects us! Yup, this is a great way to have all Joomla! lovers and addicts gather together and stand as a whole to achieve the Joomla! goal.

The desired goal is to reach $1 000 000. Amy Stephen from GitHub replied to JoomlArt tweet exactly what I was thinking - Why would the Joomla project need $1 million dollars? And then the answer cleared the air – Joomla! may not need that money, but the money can be directed to, say, enable more Joomla! events/days around the globe! And I thought to myself: "Why not?!"

Show your Joomla! love! Support J! Humble Bundle!


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