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Joomla! is growing

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! is growing Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! is growing
The Joomla! Marketing team and Pawel Borowicz along with the team created a new infographic that displays the first six years of Joomla! The Joomla! Marketing team worked on the Statistics info and a skilled graphic artist, Pawel Borowicz created the graphic.

The infographic shows information from different aspects that Joomla! has grown within these six years.

From "Did you know?" series

Did you know that

the stats for monthly traffic at has become from 1 000 000 to 7 500 000 for each month?
the JED serves over 9400 extensions?
Joomla! supports 64 world languages?
111 Joomla! Day Events have been held around the world? • over 1000 posts per day have been published by 560, 000 members over six year and that's just on

And this is just the beginning!

As we can see, Joomla! has great achievements despite its 5 years' experience.

This is truly something to be proud of – being part of this amazing Joomla! community and being happy for the achievements considering it yours! So, Joomla! community members this infopraphic is yours, too. It's featured at You are welcome to share!

Hmm, you must be kidding me!
Haven't seen it yet? Have a look! ;)


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