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Joomla! to be taught at Harvard

Written by Gev
Joomla! at Harvard Joomla! at Harvard
Starting this fall a new course featuring Joomla! as a CMS called "Introduction to Web Content Management Systems Site Development" is going to be taught at Harvard Extensions School!

Harvard University is a private institution that was founded in 1636. Harvard University is ranked as first in National Universities, in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges. Harvard University Extension School, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the twelve degree-granting schools of Harvard University and is part of the Division of Continuing Education.

"Introduction to Web Content Management Systems Site Development"
Advantages of the Course

This course gives the learners a chance to compare several content management systems quickly. Then go on with the greatest CMS, Joomla! This course is super flexible: it is going to be taught online, which means that anyone wishing to take the course can have the opportunity regardless of their geographical location.

Attention! The course will be taught by Rob Graham and Jen Kramer. Both of them are Joomla! experts – long-time Joomla! users with a lot of experience in teaching Joomla!

Accent on Joomla!

As showed above, the great part of this course covers Joomla! From 1st to 7th week, the students will be given a chance to get acquainted and explore Joomla! in-depth! At the beginning of the course they will learn to acquire a host for Joomla!, install it, as well as explore the Admin interface. Then the students may plan the website, create and input content using the CAM model. They will get to link menus to articles and some other features. At the mid-term they will go on working on their websites adding all "must have" Joomla! extensions, as well as the ones they prefer. They will create customized Joomla! templates modifying CSS /HTML parameters from backend. The aim is that, at the end of the course, the students will learn how to add the Mobile Joomla! extension and configure the website for mobile viewing. Finally, they will have a series of presentations of their final projects providing an overview of the development process.

As Joomla! users and Joomla! big family members, we should really be proud that this unique and flexible course featuring Joomla! will be taught at one of the greatest universities in the world – at Harvard! This is just the beginning... Everyone needs a piece of Joomla! in their hearts.

Joomla! is, indeed, a great software worth learning!


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