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Joomla World Conference 2014

Written by Andy Nathan
Joomla World Conference 2014

The Joomla Word Conference 2014 (JWC14) is coming to Cancun, Mexico from November 7-9th. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with others in the Joomla community to discover the newest trends in the industry.

Hurry up to show an active participation in the annual conference that helps decide the future of Joomla for the year! With so many great developers, designers, and Joomla users in attendance, this event tremendously helps your ability to grow as Joomla does.

As an added bonus, this years event is located at the beautiful, tropical Grand Oasis hotel in Cancun. With pristine white beaches and beautiful blue oceans, the event should be a great time for all.

While the sessions are not set yet for the event, many of the sponsors have already come forward to help put up the event. Currently the main sponsor for the event is SiteGround, the expert Joomla Hosting company. Additionally, Microsoft and GoDaddy have signed up as Power and Silver sponsors respectively. Without these sponsors, the price of the event would have to be increased.

As it is, an early bird ticket is only $199.

However, if you are looking at the ticket and not sure about covering the price, some users have the option of obtaining a Joomla Event Traveller Proram (JET) award. This award helps out those without the financial means to meet at JWC14. The application is designed to select those who have been the most active in the Joomla community by providing them a free ticket and discounted travel and lodging.

Keep in mind that comparable tickets at other conferences go for thousands of dollars to obtain the same information during the sessions.

Speaking of Joomla sessions, they are in need of speakers. If you are interested in speaking at the Joomla World Conference, then make sure to fill out your speaker profile form today.

Last year’s speakers included Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress; Peter Martin and many other great speakers. The topics included 45 Extensions in 45 Minutes, 8 Ways to Hack A Joomla Site, Building a Joomla Extension From Scratch, Code Like A Boss and many other great topics relating to Joomla.

Finally, with so much going on at the Joomla Conference this year, remember that this is a great time to connect with others in the industry. Take advantage of connecting with so many great developers, speakers, designers, and other Joomla enthusiasts at the largest Joomla event of the year.

Let's Sum Up All You Need to Know about JWC14

Place: Grand Oasis Cancun, Cancun, Mexico

Date & Time: November 7-9, 2014

Official Website:

Official Twitter Hashtag: #JWC14

Hope to see you there soon!


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