Friday, 06 December 2013 19:53

JWC13: The highlights

Written by Gev

Joomla! World Conference in Boston was indeed a successful one! No, unfortunately, we did not make it, however, we did benefit from nowadays technology and did not miss this great event!

Joomla! World coming together

I should confess I was so jealous of seeing all the tweets and status updates on #JWC13 and not being able to experience it myself by being there. Anyway, as a quite busy Social Media geek I did watch some keynotes on YouTube and kind of felt the Joomla! atmosphere sitting in the B2J office.


The Joomla! World Conference was held in Boston, USA from November 8-10, 2013. To be honest I was pleasantly surprised while following the JWC13. More like minded people, amazing speeches, unforgettable moments and the honor to gather the key people in Joomla! world in the oldest university of the USA. Surely Harvard has seen many great minds, but Joomla! people rock like no others.

Well organized days with great minds who most of us get to know via social media platforms. Social nights and networking opportunities every evening for those who were present there.

This is the second year JWC takes place and the positive changes comparing to the previous conference are obvious. Joomla! community is getting bigger year by year, and the number of attendees is a proof of it. Perfect organization of the event, amazing new ideas, geekest speakers, socializing, new opportunities… And all this in one place due to professional organizers, generous sponsors, devoted members of the community!

The Higlights

Initially, I wanted to share with you the key points and mostly loved ideas I picked from this conference. However, when I surfed the YouTube videos, I realized that there are just too many things to say, too many moments to highlight.

You are welcome to take a look at the collection of YouTube videos of Joomla World Conference 2013. All the keynotes were amazing, but I really loved the one by David Hurley. It was a combined message about the Joomla! community and Joomla! as a business. It is definitely worth watching and I am sure, you will be tempted to view the others as well.


JWC13 - Joomla! community gathering 'all together' as Joomla! itself means.



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