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K2 - a mountain or J! component?

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: K2 - 2nd highest mountain or J! component? Bang2Joom Blog: K2 - 2nd highest mountain or J! component?
Ketu, Savage Mountain, Chhogori, Mountaineer's Mountain - these are all the names of K2 which is the second-highest mountain after Mt. Everest. K2's peak elevation is 8,611 m/28,251 feet. We at Bang2Joom know K2 as the powerful content extension for Joomla!

When I first got to know Joomla! as a great content management system, I said: "Wow". However, when it came to writing articles using Joomla! default article system, I paused. I needed more! Way more than just a title and a content body. And then I "met" K2 ;))

K2 like all other Joomla! extensions are available for download. Install it and surf into a real content adventure full of amazing new features which you won't find in default Joomla! The best thing - no need to worry about the money 'cause it's free. Just import your existing articles and start playing with them with the help of K2: add different forms for your items' content, add video and audio files, images and image gallerias. No need to struggle with Photoshop trying to resize the images, K2 does it for you! Now you can add tags and comments.

With K2 you have all of the following:

• nested-level categories (no section/category restrictions)

• commenting, integrated with reCaptcha

• tags

• item image (useful for articles/catalogs)

• image galleries

• videos

• attachments

• user pages (author blogs/user profiles)

• ACL for content

• Unique plugin system to extend item, category and user forms

• ajax-based frontend editing

• ajax-based comments moderation

• Google AJAX Search integration

• Native JSON/JSONP content output

Worried about your website size? K2 is a perfect fit regardless what kind of website you owe – an amateur blog or a great magazine like the Times.

Who uses K2?,, and many other website use Joomla! K2 component. Bang2Joom not only uses K2 but also creates Joomla! templates and modules for K2 component. ;)

With easy-to-use K2 you manage your website faster and smarter having feature-rich Joomla! content!


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