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Kuwakaribisha kwa Kenya!

Written by Gev
Joomla Day Kenya Joomla Day Kenya

/naɪˈroʊbi/ if you are able to at least read this, then you already know where it is going to be! Or you simply know it as you are a Joomla! addict who checks all the news in the Joomla world every morning, just like me. ;) It is going to take place in the "Green City in the Sun", yes, again in Nairobi, the largest and the capital city of Kenya!

To tell the truth, when someone says Kenya, the first thing that comes to my mind is the cool music they have. If I remember it right, it is called Benga. It is a Kenyan music genre which is a mixture of jazz and Luo music forms. However, there is a huge notion which is going to be printed in my mind when I hear Kenya next time – Joomla!


Make a note! Joomla Day Kenya is going to be on Friday, August the 2th, 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya!


Did you know that they use Joomla language over there? YES, besides English they also use Swahili. How cool is that?!



CONTENTing with Joomla!

Joomla Day Kenya - A full day in this amazing city with more amazing people and ideas! This Joomla Day has a special great idea to spread. This is not just another Joomla Day! It is not simply bringing Joomla! geeks to communicate and learn more from each other, it aims at CONTENTing with Joomla!

With the fast growing IT world, it is no longer a surprise that CONTENT is the king! So, this Joomla Day will focus at delivering the importance of the online content, touching upon the key factors and making it clear that content is much needed nowadays. So, come to learn how Joomla can be used to benefit the online content!


As told, this is the second time that a Joomla Day is organized in Nairobi. So, if you have been here once, you definitely do not want to miss another great chance to meet your Joomla friends and make new ones, to enhance your Joomla knowledge and learn more from the Joomla experts.


Need some more detailed info? Refer here for tickets and here for the fabulous J! speakers, or simply go to the official website of Joomla Day Kenya and learn more! 



Summing up

What? Joomla Day Kenya

Where? 88mph Start-up Garage Nairobi, located in central Nairobi. ( Address: 4th Floor, Piedmont Plaza. 671 Non Road) 

When? August 2, 2013. It is on Ijumaa, mmm, I mean on Friday! ;)


And yes, if you replied or politely giggled to this: Habari rafiki Joomla! yangu! Then, please, tell me in the comments if this translation by a Swahili noob like me is correct. :)


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