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Bang2Joom blog: runs on Joomla! Bang2Joom blog: runs on Joomla!
Joomla! is tremendously popular and more and more companies start using it for building their websites! Today I am going to introduce to you

A bit about Linux's history

The Linux Foundation is the non-profit that runs, which is the organization that promotes, protects and standardizes Linux.

The Linux history is very interesting one. It started in 1991 with a talented student at Helsinki University, Finland, Linus Torvalds. He developed an operating system source code and post about it in Minix news group. Everyone shared his enthusiasm and excitement. Many programmers were interested to try it and they compiled and improved the source code and gave him feedback. The first version was already available on September 1991.

Dan Lopez about

Dan, the Web Architect to the Linux Foundation, was tasked to implement a content management system that would let them expand and adapt to their business needs. And so he did – Joomla! was the answer!

"Joomla has a modular architecture, an active community, production-ready 3rd party components that have pretty good support. I like to adhere to my Open Source software selection mantra: time to market, scalability, flexibility, stability, and choice. Joomla provided all of those where other competing CMS systems could not provide all of those. For, time to market was the most critical factor, and flexibility was key for our other sites that utilize Joomla. To me, it was a pretty straight forward decision, and maintaining Joomla sites tend to be more pragmatic from a Configuration Management stand point in my view." said Dan in his interview with Steve Burge.

Dan also mentions that design is one of the big advantages of Joomla! Having a custom template they were able to make all the needed shifts to fit their needs. He also points that unlike the others, Joomla! is the best possible choice in terms of time management: with Joomla you build your website in weeks not in months. Dan also comments that some of their core business strategies now depend on Joomla! - a product of the Linux Foundation

It's great that more companies are joining our squad "powered by Joomla!" and it's more inspiring to see that they use J! extensions on their website! For the community, by the community, strives to be the central source for informed, reasonable, and intelligent Linux information, software, documentation, how-tos and answers across the server, desktop, netbook and mobile platforms.

Detecting Joomla! based website.....!

Joomla! version: Joomla! 1.5 ( guys, update your website ;)

Template used: customized commercial template J! Extensions used: Frontpage Slideshow, Community Answers, JomSocial, MyBlog, JomComment, JComments, EventList, Mosets Tree.


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