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Matt replaces Matt as the Lead JEDi?

Written by Gev
Matt replaces Matt as the Lead JEDi?
Matt Baylor is the new JED team manager

Showing respect and gratitude to the former JED team member Matt Lipscomb, who has done a lot for JED as team manager, we want to welcome Matt Baylor, the new lead JEDi!

Being JED team member for a while and having boiled in that sphere, Matt Baylor is going to be a great asset for JED family! Having the needed experience he will be able to contribute to this big team and help solve the existing problems and take JED to a new level.

A flashback: Matt Baylor "meets" Joomla!

Matt mentioned in one of his interviews that his first acquaintance with Joomla! had been years back in 2007. It all started right after he graduated from a design school and opened his own business. He was to choose which platform to use not knowing that this very choice was going to make a huge impact on his life! At first he was just volunteering, then slowly he found himself always present in the team actively helping in many roles.

Will JED make a step forward under Matt's leadership?

All Joomla! geeks are probably wondering about this question. He is not revealing his plans till the Joomla! World Conference, but here are some key terms to give you hints of what to expect. The new JEDi is going to:

improve and migrate to the JED website;

carry out "Community Choice Extensions" project together with the JCM;

transfer all important JED docs to the JED knowledgebase;

rewrite the Terms of Service; and do many other things.

Right now the JED team is growing: they are recruiting volunteers. So all Joomla! enthusiasts and Joomla! lovers, here is a great chance for you to pay it forward! Who knows maybe someday you will find yourself where Matt is now!

Get involved, become part of JED team and have your say in Joomla! community!

Looking forward to seeing the JED move forward under Matt Baylor's leadership? Me too! Till then let's wait and see what he reveals about upcoming plans at the Joomla! World Conference in San Jose.


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