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Never say Joomla! goes down, because…

Written by Gev
Never say Joomla! goes down, because…

It's summer time, and it's getting hot not only here in Armenia, but also in Joomla! world i.e. WORLDWIDE! All the Joomla! geeks are probably now on their way to their homes with a great arsenal of Joomla! knowledge, enhanced and freshened after J and Beyond 2013!


It is these events and days actually that make you think more about what connects all of us – Joomla! So this great idea, this powerful CMS ties the bonds letting all of us connect and share! Today, I want to tackle the main reasons for this question - Why will Joomla! never go down?


You might be a bit surprised, why would it, right? I think the same. I am just going to prove to you the strong bases that Joomla! has acquired over the years and now has which keep making it stronger!


Here we go! I am starting "Never say Joomla! goes down, because ..." series. The first one in my list and the first that came to our minds is "Joomla! community!"


Yes, as Joomla! keeps growing, so does the Joomla community! And they are strongly connected and they have a great impact on each other. Joomla! keeps growing because of the Joomla! community and vice versa! J! community is all about the people that care for Joomla! a lot.


The Joomla! community is made up of:

Joomla! Events Team

Joomla! User Groups (JUG) Team

Joomla! User Experience Team (JUX Team)

Joomla! Magazine Team

Joomla! Translators Team, Joomla Volunteers and many more


Joomla! is everywhere with its mini branches worldwide that keep enhancing Joomla!

Joomla! events – Joomla! days, J and Beyond and Joomla World Conferences are being held throughout the year in many countries, letting more and more people get involved in J! community and get introduced to Joomla! There are over 200 registered user groups from different continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, America, etc.


JUX team works hard on improving the User experience for Joomla! administrators thus affecting Joomla! users' experiences as well. Joomla! Magazine team is spreading the word and highlighting the events, news and everything about Joomla! every month with multilingual articles. Joomla! Open Translators are putting all their polyglot skills into translation, making Joomla! available for everyone regardless of their language preferences. And finally, Joomla! will never go down as there are many Joomla! volunteers, Joomla! lovers and geeks that care for Joomla! and are giving back to the community every single day!


Joomla! community also includes Joomla! makers and users! Exactly, Joomla! will never go down, because it is super popular CMS among the vibrant community of friendly users and talented developers.

Joomla! developers, having years of experience in Joomla! and knowing it from within and without, keep making it better! Joomla! extension clubs are a great way to make Joomla! better! We all have our part in this great CMS, designing and developing great extensions: templates, modules, plugins and having our small, but significant impact in making Joomla the greatest CMS!

p.s. Not only Joomla! developers, but also developers of different CMSs prove that Joomla! is the best ever, as they are most likely to refer to Joomla! when it comes to building websites for themselves. ;)

Sure, the main reason for Joomla! to exist is the use which is provided by Joomla! users! We all work for them, Joomla! is not a notion, it shows its beauty in use. The great thing about J! users is that they have a great passion not only for Joomla! but also helping each other. So, thanks to all those users that have such a great taste for CMS ;)


The second on my "Never say Joomla! goes down, because ..." series is the Joomla! CMS itself! With the frequent updates and new features that keep getting added to the Joomla! core, Joomla! will always climb higher!


Joomla! gets enhanced by Joomla! frequent updates which include but are not limited to bug fixes and new features! Current newest Joomla! version is Joomla! 3.1. Unfortunately, we managed to say goodbye to Joomla! 1.5 which was a stable version (read about it here). Going from Joomla! 2.5 to Joomla! 3 was a big step. So, the new mighty features, like implementation of LESS and Twitter Bootstrap (go over our blogs on LESS & Twitter Bootstrap) into Joomla! 3 made it super responsive and equipped. Joomla! 3.1 brought another amazing feature – Tagging! (refer here for more). Indeed, some say Joomla! 3.5 is closer than we think. So, be ready for more, catch up with upcoming Joomla! updates!


It's not all that ideal, we realize Joomla! does have some issues, like marketing "bug" because something went wrong after some point in its history. We do hope this hopefully will be taken over soon and no one will ever even think that Joomla! may go down. I tried to cover all the main reasons, bases which keep Joomla! firm and growing!

I feel proud, I really do. Realizing you are part of this great CMS makes me feel honored! I tried to cover all the main reasons and bases which keep Joomla firm and growing!


Join, be one of them!
Be the reason Joomla keeps growing!


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