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New People and New Board of Open Source Matters

Written by Gev
New Board of the Open Source Matters

Life without change would have been so dull and boring. I believe that change brings about new changes and new opportunities. Sometimes, change has a bad reputation in our society; however, in order to keep up with today’s life, changes should occur to keep us growing.

Joomla Changes

Quite a few changes have been happening in the Joomla world recently. One of the most important changes that have happened is the election of the new board of Open Source Matters (OSM).

Open Source Matters (OSM) is a non-profit organization which is considered to be the financial and legal support to the Joomla. Earlier in April, during the Regular Annual Meeting of the Directors the following officers of the board have been selected:

Sarah Watz as President of the board of OSM.
Marijke Stuivenberg as Secretary of the board of OSM.
Victor Drover as Treasurer of the board of OSM.

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Sarah Watz

Sarah is from Stockholm, Sweden where her web agency specialized in Joomla is located – Pixpro.

Sarah has been around since ‘the Mambo Split’. She has been vice president and then, president of the Joomla User Association Sweden for couple of years. You can frequently meet Sarah and listen to her presentations at different Joomla events.

Congratulations and welcome Sarah!

Marijke Stuivenberg

Marijke Stuivenberg is living in Enschede, The Netherlands. She has been an active member in the Joomla community since 2007. She helps both translating Joomla and testing security.

Marijke is a co-founder of To an addition of this arsenal of skills, she is a musician in heart – Marijke not only plays Saxophone, but also teaches how to play.

Keep up the great job, Marijke!

Victor Drover

Almost everyone knows that Victor is the founder of Anything Digital and located in Wisconsin. However, quite a few people know that he has been a professor of Medicine and Biochemistry back in Canada where he comes from.

Victor has been volunteering a lot in Joomla. He has been part of the Joomla Extensions Directory team and the Joomla Events Team. Victor has helped in organizing J and Beyond and Joomla World conferences.

Congrats Victor, we are really excited for you!

Overall, 13 directors to the board of Open Source Matters have been selected making OSM even more international. They are:

Martijn Boomsma (The Netherlands),

Mike Carson (USA),

Ronni Christiansen (Denmark),

Victor Drover (USA),

Jorge Lopez-Bachiller Fernandez (Guatemala),

Rod Martin (USA),

Tessa Mero (USA),

Ryan Ozimek (USA),

Saurabh Shah (India),

Joe Sonne (Canada),

Marijke Stuivenberg (The Netherlands),

Radek Suski (Germany),

and Sarah Watz (Sweden).

Congratulations and best of luck in serving on the board!

Sure, BIG thank you-s go to Paul Orwig, Alice Grevet, Ofer Cohen, Leonel Canton, and Sandra Ordonez for their time and commitment and for every contribution that they have made to Joomla!

And I want to conclude this blog showing our enormous respect for Paul Orwig. Bang2Joom team is honored to know you, Paul. It was a pleasure to work with you! We wish you success in your future endeavors and happiness in life. P.S. We love seeing your photo shoots in our news feeds, keep us updated, please and invite us to your exhibition.

Paul Orwig

To all the newly-selected members, here is the message from Paul Orwig I want you to keep in mind while serving: “Lead with courage and boldness and most of all with a heartfelt desire to serve the community!”


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