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One and the same e-mail for many J! users?

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: One and the same e-mail for many J! users? Bang2Joom Blog: One and the same e-mail for many J! users?
This great emailing system has got your back!

The history goes back to when Joomla! 1 version was released. In this version they let you use the same email for 2 or more user accounts in your website. However, as the new versions of Joomla! sprung up, this amazing functionality was lost.
The need was so vital that Joomla! users found a way! This emailing system allows you to use one and the same email address for creating multi-user accounts on your website powered by Joomla! With the help of this cool, somehow not-so-well-known emailing feature you can also manage your mailing lists.

Almost 1 out of 3 people are experiencing this problem

Let's say your son wants to join a gaming website and needs to submit an e-mail address? You are faced with giving your email address in such cases. Same goes for the elderly people who do not possess the needed knowledge, so someone else does the job for them entering their own e-mail address or even creating one for them.
Sometimes, this may eventually end up being targeted by spammers. Whoops! See what doing a favor turned into?

Email servers come to help the Joomla! users

Let us bring an example of our Bang2Joom family. As you probably know, we are Joomla! development club and let's say, our main email address is b2jfamily{at}example{.}com. We can easily create a valid and unique email sub addresses from our initial address. It will look like this:
For our designer it will be b2jfamily+designername{at}example{.}com
For our developer it will be b2jfamily+developername{at}example{.}com
And as shown we can have many other ones under b2jfamily{at}example{.}com.

So how does this system work?

For instance, an email sent to say b2jfamily+developername{at}example{.}com is sent to the b2jfamily{at}example{.}com, however, the to: address preserves the + tag. Note that the guy who is assigned as the email manager sees the tag used. This is, indeed, a great tool for various communities, especially for all of us working in a Joomla! environment where emailing is part of our daily life.

It saves nerves and helps to easily and effectively manage the emailing system!


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