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Peugeot - Go with Joomla!

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Peugeot - Go with Joomla! Bang2Joom Blog: Peugeot - Go with Joomla!
Peugeot's background history

Peugeot, a major French car brand, is the second largest carmaker based in Europe. It manufactures cars and light commercial vehicles, motorbikes, scooters and light-armored vehicles, offers parts, transportation and logistics, and financial services for dealers and customers. However, long ago in 1810, the Peugeot family founded a family business: they manufactured coffee mills and bicycles. Later on, on 20th of November, 1858, Emile Peugeot applied for the lion trademark while Armand Peugeot built their first automobile, an unreliable steam tricycle. This is how the Peugeot company started. runs on Joomla!

A company such as this could not have other than a high-quality website powered by... you guessed it - Joomla!! Check out their beautiful, multi-lingual site. Dual language support: French and English. It has got a responsive design, and is super mobile friendly. All the content on the website loads exceptionally fast. This is really important as it appeals more to men at the ages of 25 and 45 with postgraduate educations. has all the features that a Joomla! powered website should have:

A Mobile-Ready Version

Social Media Integration

General Design, Graphics

Clear Navigation

Contact Information

Crucial Business Information

A Logical Roadmap

While surfing through, it surpassed even my expectations. The first thing that visually attracted me and probably all of the users, is the design: I cannot help but keep an eye on the non-stop changing "Go Motion, Go Emotion". It truly keeps with the mission and image of the organization.

Greatest thing of all – a sense of the organization

What else is there to say? Amazingly well-structured website!
The buttons are not big and dorky, graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors, animated graphics turn off by themselves. They truly have a good use of color. Quality photography and simplicity immediately captured my eyes. Another key element, the text, is easily read. Being super mobile friendly, it elegantly scales down to downsized browser windows, tablets, mobile phones both in landscape and portrait.

Peugeot - Go with Motion, Go with Emotion, Go with Joomla!

Great companies choose great software!


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