Friday, 05 April 2013 19:21

Please, Welcome B2J Albumen!

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Please, Welcome B2J Albumen! Bang2Joom Blog: Please, Welcome B2J Albumen!

It is almost the end of the working day here at Bang2Joom, however, you can easily detect some crazy developers going over the codes, and even crazy designers observing the situation from aside and hoping their design will come all in details. On top of this, you can spot Gev who never stops making last minute touches to the product and asking to correct some content. Yes, this is exactly how we launch a new template at Bang2Joom!


Nevertheless of all the craziness at Bang2Joom, we are really excited as we are not just launching another template. No! We are launching ALBUMEN – B2J first Joomla! 3 ready and fully responsive template!


B2J Albumen

Albumen – B2J portfolio template for online agencies is ready and set for releasing with all its mighty extras! Please, welcome fully responsive B2J Albumen template which is a neat portfolio template built around K2 component! 

B2J Albumen is our first Joomla! 3 ready template! The design is in line with Bang2Joom's philosophy of minimalism! Edog's appealing design was nicely realized by B2J developer Bgo.


B2J Albumen Template is built on the powerful T3 Framework. It is supported on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE9/10 browsers. B2J Albumen is fully responsive for viewing on Android and iOS systems.



B2J Albumen Extras


Albumen contains many of the B2J mighty extensions created by Bang2Joom developers for a clean, professional website.


B2J Albumen supports the following extensions:


. K2
. B2J Alfheim Image Gallery Pro
. B2J Aquarius Layer Slider
. B2J Calendar for K2
. jFlickr free module for J3 by Joomla Bamboo
. Default Joomla Extensions


A full B2J package with all of the following mighty extras! And this is not all! When you purchase Albumen with all the above mentioned features for only $35, you also get access to 12 months free updates, Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 compatibility, quickstart package with all features shown on the Demo and dedicated 12 months support system.


Do you own some advertising/digital agency and want to set up a website?
B2J Albumen is a great fit with all its amazing extras for just $35!


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