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Bang2Joom blog: redSHOP from redCOMPONENT Bang2Joom blog: redSHOP from redCOMPONENT

redCOMPONENT is truly a big family of various useful Joomla! components. What is redSHOP? It is one of redCOMPONENT products, and is a webshop solution for Joomla!

With the help of redSHOP you get a super customizable webshop. So, customize per your needs, to have an online shop running with great features.


redSHOP has

Template System – This can be accessed from the Joomla! backend
Tag System – It will help you quickly organize your website content
Attribute System – This is great especially with various products having different characteristics.
Stockroom system –It will help you place product stock in one place.
Segment Newsletter –This will definitely make your customers come back again and again.
Advanced Configuration –With this, you are the all-mighty dude controlling everything.
MailCenter – It will let you easily create all system mail from inside redSHOP.
SEO –Powered by SH404SEF this will provide Joomal! Users with advanced SEO capabilities.



FREE redSHOP for Joomla! users!

This simply great component is simple in use and it's FREE! Worried whether redSHOP will fit your website's need? Not a problem, it is individually adapted to your Joomla! website enhancing it and making it super feature-rich.


redSHOP - languages


All core components of redShop come with English (en-GB), and are translated into many languages. Language packs are available in the Add-On section for each individual extension. Guess what? The Armenian translation for redSHOP is in process leaded by Bang2Joom!



Here is to sum up what redSHOP has to offer to Joomla! users:


Add pictures in different sizes
Create action e-mails
Ready-to-use and easy-to-manage webshop
Offer gift certificates and gift wrapping
Multiple payment and shipping methods
No limitations to design and template ability
Send out newsletters and catalogues
Statistics and Search Engine Optimization
Show an unlimited number of products
Multiple currencies




Bang2Joom is lovin' redSHOP, so we have some modules coming up for redSHOP component - B2J Product Loader for redSHOP and later on, a great template coming soon and many more, inspired by redSHOP! So stay tuned for more updates!


With its easy-to-use administration and advanced options, redSHOP is a perfect fit for all websites powered by Joomla! running as webshops.



redSHOP - the leading webstore solution for Joomla!



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