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Revealing Joomla Talents

Written by Gev
Revealing Joomla talent

This year the annual J and Beyond will take place for the fifth time. Under the theme of "Investing in our Future" Joomla folks will gather in Germany for one of the greatest Joomla event from March 30 to April 1st.

Joomla's Got Talent

J and Beyond is one of the two greatest Joomla events which should be on every Joomla lover's to-do list for every year. The other one is Joomla World Conference.

Every year the organizers add something interesting to the event to spice it up. This year, besides Joomla Swim and Joomla Performance Run, J and Beyond also got enriched with a very interesting competition - 'Joomla's Got Talent'. It aims at revealing unique talents in the Joomla world.

Can I?

You definitely can and should, if you meet both of the criteria below. So, there are two requirements:

You should attend this year’s J And Beyond,
You should have a worthy talent and willingness to share.

So if you have a hidden great talent and you are definitely going to J and Beyond, this is just for you.

What will I get?

The prize is as secret as your talent. As Brian Teeman mentioned in this blog: “We have a very unusual prize for the winner that they will treasure forever.”

Hmm, sounds exciting, doesn't it? So, reveal your secret talent and you will get the secret gift.

What talent have You got?

So you are all set to go to J and Beyond and you have a bit weird hidden talent, huh? You should definitely enter the Joomla Talent competition. If you can stand on your head or can balance a spoon on your nose, think about applying for ‘Joomla’s Got Talent’ audition.

Maybe you have been quoting lines and scenes from movies word for word and did not think of it as a talent. Or you are really good at hula hooper, but you practice it secretly every night when everyone else is asleep. It’s high time your talent got revealed.

Think of anything extraordinary you can do, such as putting your foot behind your head or doing a back-flip. You may be a fire-eater or be natural at telling jokes and making people laugh, share your laughs with Joomla folks.

Joomla talents, they are looking for you!

All you need to do is let the Joomla world know about your talent and if you are selected, you will have a great chance to reveal your talent to a bigger Joomla audience. The video will be posted on YouTube. The organizers will try to broadcast it live but as there are issues with WiFi almost every year at these events, no guarantees it will be streamed online.

Excited, aren’t you? Then hurry, the deadline for submitting your entry is March 30. Let’s see what great talents Joomla’s got!

The competition is open to everyone attending J and Beyond, however be careful about revealing your talent. Some people pride themselves in 'unlimited burping talent'. Please, think thoroughly before applying for 'Joomla's Got Talent'. Let this talent of yours be so well-hidden that no one will ever find out about it.

For all those who want to submit their entry, do it so by filling out this form!

Best of luck!


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