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The B2J Manook comes to help

Written by Gev
The B2J Manook comes to help

The idea of giving

With every coming template I always revise my list of favorite B2J templates, however, I think this particular template will stay on my list once and for all. Why? It's all about the idea!

I recall a scene from my childhood. I was a walking questionnaire or nowadays '', I would drive crazy everyone in my family with my curious character of asking numerous questions and non-stop. The only guy who was able to stand me was my grandpa. Once, I asked my grandpa why I have two hands. He kindly answered: "Sweetie, one is for you, and the other one is for helping others". I have grown up since them, and gone through many things in life and today I am helping others with that other hand as my grandpa told me.


The B2J Manook template is designed with a soul and for a good cause. This retina ready K2 template is for charity and non-profits, built on the T3 Framework!


"Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions."
                                                                                                                                                                     Dalai Lama

So, we decided to do, act and created this great template to give happiness and help the charitable NGOs reach for larger audiences.


The B2J Manook helps

Joomla 2.5/3 ready, responsive and retina ready template for K2 component. 

We have examined all the needs and core principals every charity organization will need. Having unique design with bright color theme by default reflects the bright work charity NGOs do. This neat template comes with the following color presets to match the colors of your charitable organization:



Antique Brass

Baby Blue

Olive Drab

Outrageous Orange

Selective Yellow



This fully responsive and retina ready template is a mighty combination of kindness, care and functionality! It contains such B2J extensions, as B2J Alfheim Image Gallery PRO, B2J Calendar for K2 and B2J Social Sharer Plugin. It also comes newly- released B2J Contact component included!

The B2J Manook also includes all the necessary pages and options a charity website will ever need. It has Photo and Video Galleries and Simple Image Gallery Pro which will display your memories from charity events with nice effects. This nice K2 template also contains Library which allows you to list your favorite books and a great option to download and share the knowledge. One of the most initial functions a charity/non-profit will need is having an option to contribute. Thus, we have included 'Donations' option where everyone can donate and have their input in a great cause!



Check out the Demo 



Designed with care and developed with love to meet the needs and help the ones in need.


The B2J Manook - Making your great charitable cause accessible for larger audience!


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