Wednesday, 12 June 2013 18:21

The making of the B2J Joomla! tree

Written by Gev

It was second half of the day. Everyone in Bang2Joom office was in full speed of coding, designing, creating. Gev seemed to have been indulging in something since the morning: he has been watching some tutorials, been designing something...Yes, exactly DESIGNING ))) Well, not counted that we have only one designer – Mher at the office now, as the other two are still on vacation, we thought Gev decided to find his new talent and help the design squad.


I was surprised when he asked me to come over and help with content. Some more steps and ..."O WOW! OMG! Gev, did you do this?" could be heard at B2J office. So, I joined in and we started filling in the content! During the process, it was really great to realize, how much we all care for Bang2Joom and how our lovely B2J is growing!


What we were about to do was to create our little Joomla! family tree of Bang2Joom which is to grow a lot and to spread its branches and leaves and reach higher and higher! I will try to go over each part and tell the great history behind, as just by watching the one and a half minute presentation not knowing that everything in it has its own significance would be only the tip of the iceberg.



We started out with a base, which is our roots, and by saying roots, we mean Joomla! because that's where our roots come from. Then narrowing it down, we tell about the foundation of B2J going back to 2009! Of course, we could not miss out the seeds, as the sayings goes: "You reap what you sow" and "What goes around comes back around"! We spread our seeds aiming to have our cozy place in Joomla! space and help make the Joomla! family even bigger! We were still to see the fruits!


Next comes our growth!


It's really important to state that we have grown not only in numbers (from being an enthusiastic team of 3 up to Joomla! family with 11 Joomla! geeks), but also, we have grown simultaneously with Joomla! Thus, our knowledge and skills get enhanced every single day. And indeed, as B2J is growing we are introducing even mightier Joomla! extras for our users!

What helps us to grow and reach higher is our life motto: "We love Mother Earth & nature, we love music & colours, and we do love our God". These are all the great points that help us in creating every single day!

There are two main, leaf-sets which are getting thick with every coming step in Bang2Joom and helping this great Joomla! tree grow more and blossom and finally give fruits! They are:


Bang2Joom Design

Bang2Joom Development


I have talked about each of them in my previous blogs (please, refer here for more info on B2J design and here for B2J development); however, I just cannot help but mention once more how important they are for Bang2Joom! In presentation, we covered just some fundamental basis on which each of them stand! What connects them is THE passion! Have a close look ;) And by the way even little bugs are scared of our developers. ;)))

And last, but not the least is an important part of Bang2Joom without which we would have never been complete – Our customers! <3

We really love them, and always strive to give the best Joomla! solutions to meet their needs! And of course, we try to have special presents! By the way our recent SPECIAL SALE is still on! You do not want to miss this: B2J Total Template Cluster! All B2J Templates in 1 bundle worth $245 for only $79. You are saving $166! Get this special offer NOW!


Overall, our customers are the ones who taste the fruits from the B2J Joomla! tree! And, hey, just like at the end of the presentation, they never forget to give us feedback! Feedback of any kind is always appreciated!

So, if by any chance you have not been following Bang2Joom, get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or simply follow my blog and subscribe with RSS Feed to get the latest updates from Bang2Joom and witness our Joomla! tree grow more!




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