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Tips to charm more visitors

Written by Gev
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You have set up your website and sit back to relax? Hmm, actually the work is just about to start so get your arsenals in work and input all your energy, time and creativity to enhance your website! You should be proactive as a website administrator nevertheless the type of a workflow your website acquires.

You will need to keep your visitors engaged and hungry for more! What to do to keep your website visitors come back for more?

You think content and information are the main reasons why people visit your website? I do agree, partially. Here are some useful tips for you to make your Joomla! website more appealing to your visitors and attract them to come back often! Get them addicted to your website by just exercising these simple tips.

Charm at first sight
You are what your website appears to visitors

Yes to me, as a visitor, it is so! The first impression a visitor gets when browsing your website is by your website's homepage! Use all your charms, "put a spell" on your visitors, draw them to your website and amaze them with your appearance. What you need to do is keep to a minimum all the flash and animated items, they were popular back ago.

DoMAIN name
Exactly choose your website domain wisely!

The first thing that brings any visitor to your website is a name, right? They search and click on your website's name to visit it. So one does not need to be smart to understand that it should match with your company name. If your website's name has nothing to do with your company's motto, trust me not many people are going to recall it in their conversations.

It does tempt if written correctly!

Your website's content reflects what you think! You literally have some seconds to grab your visitors' attention with your catchy words! You need to master some "call to action" phrases, or have a spice of humor to keep your visitors read on and on.

Us(e)ability and Navigation
Use your abilities to make your website super user friendly!

Keep your website user friendly

Everyone loves friendly websites: websites that are easy to navigate. If a visitor is going to click non-stop to find what he/she needs, then you better give a thought about your website's navigation. If your visitors get confused with your website layout, they will get out of your website ASAP and never come back. Stick to minimalism style when designing your website and keep it standard!

Design is your website's birth sign that makes your website outstand within many others

Think thoroughly before sketching your website. First of all spend most of your time thinking about the design of your homepage as it is going to be the most important one!

What you can do is use original graphics just to the limit. Also you may try experimenting with your website design themes/colors again make logical and visually nice combination.

CREATIVITY – that's me!
Let your creativity and personality get reflected in your website!

This is one of the things that Bang2Joom itself used! We showed our personality, our thoughts and creativity in our design and developed it with great love for Joomla! This is your website's stamp which people are going to recognize immediately! An ideal example is Google's Doodles, even if you do not search anything you check it just to see its doodles.


Update, update, update your website's content

Add new content to your website. It brings new visitors via RSS feeds and also pulls search engines. Search engines, specifically Google, just loves new fresh content. Each time you update your website, they come back to it! To do so I would advise you to have either a blog or a forum, or have them both! You need to have a blog.

Here are some other helpful steps you can follow to keep your visitors return to your website!

Place 'Bookmark this site' and 'Bookmark this page' buttons on your website.
Add chicklets (buttons that help your visitors bookmark your website in their favorite social bookmarking site)
Have a RSS feed button!
Have a contact form to get connected!
Create a FAQ on your website!
Still not got a mobile website? GET RESPONSIVE!
Have a "Search" module on your homepage

If you created your website using Joomla! LUCKY YOU!

With Joomla! your website is flexible and super customized!

Your website is the path to your name, your company and your work! It shows who you are and what you do so get your visitors to explore your website at first then make them come for more information, more ideas, more news and more products. Build your audience and keep them loyal to your website!


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