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Twitter Bootstrap is becoming Joomla! Bootstrap?

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Twitter Bootstrap is becoming Joomla! Bootstrap Bang2Joom Blog: Twitter Bootstrap is becoming Joomla! Bootstrap
A glance at the past

Twitter Bootstrap is a real arsenal of tools to create web applications. Bootstrap framework includes HTML/CSS templates with all its interface components, and it also has got Java Extensions.

While working at Twitter, the developers Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, made this exclusive framework which brings about a great opportunity for interface development. It was August of 2011, when Twitter released Bootstrap as open-source.

The-general-features-to-know about Bootstrap are the following:

It is based on 940 pixel grid layout

It contains basic HTML key components, as well as other advanced interface elements

It consists JavaScript component based on the jQuery

It has got a Compatibility with all browsers

Joomla! Bootstrap or just Joomstrap!

Bootstrap is basically an Open Source project, and is kept on Github just like the Joomla CMS and Platform. With Joomla! 3 to be released Joomla! team figured out that they had been missing something, and that missing piece was Bootstrap.

Integrating the idea of Twitter Bootstrap into Joomla as "JUI", some elements were added to make it customized for Joomla!. There are still some things that are to be added to fit Joomla! users' needs.

Some template clubs create templates to work with specific components like K2 as Bang2Joom does. This helps to stay stable when working with different components, however, some don't. Here comes to help Bootstrap - It allows developers to get all the needed elements from one place! So even if the element you want is not in Joomla! core elements' list, you are still able to access it: you just need to code that once and it will automatically work alongside.

Here are the two main uses of Bootstrap in Joomla! 3:

Incorporation of Twitter Bootstrap into a JUI media package.

A new front end template built using Twitter Bootstrap – Protostar.

By adding Bootstrap framework, Joomla! team showed how much they care about the accessibility and their users saving Joomla! users' time and energy.

No need to think how to change all the wanted features at a time to fit your needs, Joomla! with awesome Bootstrap framework got your back!


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