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Upgrading Joomla! version is a must!

Written by Gev
Upgrading Joomla! version is a must!

What is the first reaction when you tell someone to upgrade their Joomla site to the decent version? Yes, same here, same here – "That's freakin' complicated! I cannot do it!" or "That's too technical! I am going to definitely mess it up" and so on and so forth. So, today I am going to give you tips and tricks to use in order to explain your Joomla! user that he/she MUST upgrade!



WHY do you need to upgrade to the latest versions? If you are not doing this, then be ready and set to welcome hackers into your Joomla! website. I have talked a bit about security tips in this blog about Joomla and Web Security.

Why do you think Joomla updates are for? With every new update there come many bug fixes, security updates, new features and more!

There is a great tool from Akeeba called Admin Tools which will make this process easy and smooth for you. Or alternatively you have to upgrade your Joomla version with patch packages manually.


Security releases make it known that there are some security holes thus revealing them. Guess what? Some hackers are really anxious about this and can scan your websites to find the misfits. Here we go! Haven't updated yet? Then be ready to welcome these "cute" guys )

Mind! You should always pay much attention to the installed extensions as well. They must be up to date, that is to the latest version!



And the most important of all, ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST!!!

It is a must to do a complete backup often so in case the new Joomla update is not what you wanted, you can always revert back to the old version.


To upgrade or not to upgrade that is the question!

My advice would be upgrade to the latest version if the new website you are working on needs special functions/features which are right there in the new version. Or sure upgrade if you are Joomla! geek as you got to test it ;) You should at least have your website updated to the LTS version, if you are am average Joomla user.


Features and new goodies

If you are a webmaster who is running an old version of Joomla! consider upgrading as it not only has security updates but new features and functionalities as well. Plus, make your daily Joomla life easier by using more recent versions of Joomla! For instance, you will never feel the greatness of tagging if you are running older version as the 'tagging' feature got introduced in Joomla! 3.1.


Think about Google Panda & Penguin

If you are thinking: "Neah, my website is pretty fine as it is now and it works just great", I suggest you think about Google! With every new Google algorithms' updates, your website MUST be taken another look as well. Examine your website all over and ask yourself whether it still runs great after Google algorithm changes. You can have a look here for more detailed explanation on Google Algorithm Updates here.

So, say, the latest time some websites got hit by one of these great updates as they had keyword stuffing. Why not have a second look? Prevent the things you actually can. Minimize the risk of being hit by these updates by just having a second look or maybe changing a simple thing in the certain settings in your Joomla version.



Yes, you may still think about the updating process as a waste of time! In that case, simply imagine what will happen if you do not update it. You will not get to test the new features and do more with your website, your website will be more accessible for hackers and the risks to be hit by Google algorithm will grow. I bet you are not ready to see your website hacked. Then, care about it, put some time and energy and make the best out of the Joomla version of your website!

All in all, if you haven't convinced them in the IT languages try this: "As you are growing, you are not wearing the same clothes you used to wear when you were little, aren't you? Upgrade, be up to date!"


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