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What’s up, Bang2Joom?

Written by Gev
What’s up, Bang2Joom?

This past two weeks Bang2Joom team has gone from 11 people to only 7. No, no, no one has left Bang2Joom; they just left the office! So, if you are following us on Twitter or reading our posts on Facebook, you might know that B2J CEO Gev and B2J Designer Mher took part in the CMS EXPO this year which took place in Evanston, IL! They sure had fun, and the photos are speaking for themselves!



The Expo was full of bright minds and ideas and they managed to take a bit from each! ( I will blog about these Armenians' adventures at CMS EXPO, when they return). So, equipped with more knowledge and skills, they flew over to LA to enjoy their stay in US! But, hey! These are two Bang2Joom guys who do not like to sit in their places! We were busy doing some updates and did not manage to call them, and voila!! They are already in Vegas!



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A few more days and these adventurous guys will be on their way back to Armenia with so many new emotions, bright memories and great experience, that we will be listening to Mher's talks about the amazing colors and designs for a long time! :)


Despite being on holiday, our guys never stop working and I mean it when I say! You can frequently bump into Gev's post on B2J forum or see him tweeting and posting! Bang2Joom is everywhere and never stops working!

On a related note, our office seems quite quiet without this guy's loud singing. Guessed who I was talking about? Yup, that's Edog! He actually was the first to leave for Ukraine to visit B2J enthusiast Tigran! Edog seems really busy, he is never online. Probably working hard to get the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. done as quickly as possible, huh Edog? :)) However, we did manage to get some update on what he is up to! Seems like Edog is having fun eating McDonalds and designing non-stop as usual.


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Edog, we miss your bu-wa-wa-wa chu-wa-wa-wa singing! Come back soon!

It has been almost 5 days that we are getting into Bang2Joom office with some rescue plan for getting the key! Guess what? B2J developer Leon (Onyx) has taken the key with him to Turkey! We skyped with him some days ago, seems like he is enjoying his time and flying! Yes, flying with Paraplan! He is admiring flying over the landscapes which used to be Armenian land! Here is a snapshot from his Extreme Holiday!


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P.S. Onyx do not lose the key, we really need it :)


So, what are the rest of us doing? Yeah, exactly, working as usual: The B2J devs are busy doing updates: bug fixes and a lot of new features. B2J devoted designer Hovo, who is the only designer currently at the office, is working miracles and managing everything! Well, as you can see I (Lilly) am blogging, writing content and tweeting about what's up in Bang2Joom, and Brendan, our marketing manager is trying to find ways to reach for you! Sure, we are all skyping with our guys to be part of each of their experiences and for them to see what we are up to at Bang2Joom!



With seven of us working here at Bang2Joom office and 4 of us abroad enjoying their time and working, eleven minus four still equals eleven at Bang2Joom!


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