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Why to Buy Professional Joomla Templates?

Written by Andy Nathan
Professional Joomla Templates Why to Buy Professional Joomla Templates?

There comes a point in every web marketer’s life where the freebies just don’t do it anymore. A sort of graduation for business owners when they realize that to make money in business, they need to invest in their business. At Bang2Joom, we see this often: these are the entrepreneurs who are looking for professional Joomla templates .

You want to give their clients the best experience possible, and know they cannot do it by themselves. The free tools are not enough.

You need to rely upon experienced developers who can create the best looking website for your needs for the best price. The benefits of purchasing a professional Joomla template are numerous.

Benefits of a professional Joomla template

What are the benefits of using a professional template? Here are some of the top reasons why you want to consider making the move.

First, you look professional.

What is the persona you wish to display for your company? Do you want to portray yourself as a professional with years of experience? Do you want to give off the air of business with a revolutionary idea that will change the industry?

Then create a website that does not look like it was created for the lowest price possible. Invest wisely in the look and feel of your business, so you can brand your business across the web.

If you act like your business is based out of your home, then customers will treat you that way. Conversely, if you present a persona of a multi-national corporation, then people will respect that image. You define the tone of your business.

Second, cleaner designs encourage people to come back to your site more frequently.

Have you ever visited a site with awesome content that was impossible to access? Afterwards you swore you were never going to return again?

We all have! The reason that happens is because the site was loaded down with too many widgets, ads, and other confusing items that slowed down our experience of the content itself.

People go back to Facebook repeatedly, because they understand the layout. Every day, they know the first thing they see when logging on is their newsfeed. In the right hand corner are your notifications, messages, and new connections.

Simple design, so you do not have to think about the process. You engage in the content of the site. Smartly designed sites do that. They bring back repeat visitors.

Third, cleaner user experience for your visitors.

Free templates are great when you start a website. However, many of them are not designed for more dynamic solutions. The problems arise later as you add more layers to the site. Joomla makes it easy to create pages, so make sure you have a plan in place before you start adding pages to your site.

Nonetheless, the user experience is a crucial aspect of good web development.

Consider the challenges of having an ecommerce store online. When you have a few products, the layout is simple. The buyer browses your ecommerce page and purchases the product. When you grow your store you will need to add more products, categories, and pages.

Moreover, you need to make sure the sales process works properly. How many steps does it take for a visitor to purchase your wares? How much information do they need to provide? How many times do they need to stop and get something before they purchase? Can you complete the entire process within 5 minutes? 2 minutes? 1 minute?

This is why professional Joomla templates like B2J Inspired and Aquarius are useful in helping you create the right user experience you need for an e-commerce site.

Fourth, improved design can often lead to improved conversion.

Even more importantly, as we alluded to in the previous comment, tighter designed websites lead to improved conversions.

This sounds like common sense, but so many website admins do not put in enough time to the most essential part of a business website: sales. A professional Joomla template can ensure your site is set up properly for conversions. Developers who create these templates have spent thousands of hours working with the platform.

They understand that small changes in the design can turn into large conversion increases. What happens if you can get more sales from your current traffic without spending large amounts of money bringing in more people? Then consider how many more sales you can make when you increase your traffic with a higher conversion rate.

That means you are not only buying a template, but also their experience on what has worked best in the past for increased sales and conversions.

Fifth, with a professional Joomla template you can reduce your customer service

This is not a bold claim that we make to explain how you will suddenly see drops in your customer service bill by half. Instead, when you reduce the number of simple questions you have to answer about where to find things on the website, you can reduce the amount of time and money spent on customer service.

Your website can quickly and cheaply answer basic questions like:

"Where do you go to get...?"

"How can I access..."

"I am not sure if you have this..."

Customer service is an important part of any business. However, your business needs to focus on high priority customer service items first. Let your website help alleviate some of your challenges.

Your website is an expression of your business.

Let your website be an expression of how you run your business. Ensure your site has the best design possible to help encourage new users to check out your site, and empower current users to continue using the resources on your site. For Joomla owners, a good Joomla template will enable you to set up the website that is professional and easy to use.

Are you ready now to make your move to boosting your business website? Then don't hesitate to say NO to low quality freebies and start using professional web templates now!


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