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Woot Woot! Delicious Food Mood is here!

Written by Gev
Woot Woot! Delicious Food Mood is here! Woot Woot! Delicious Food Mood is here!

Food Mood is a great Joomla! 3 ready restaurant template for K2 built on the powerful T3 Framework. The fully responsive Food Mood template - just a click away from having an elegant website for your hospitality business!

It's been a while that we have been cooking this in B2J kitchen! Being perfectionists, we strive to give the best out of what we can! Food Mood has been designed and tested thoroughly.


The B2J Food Mood template is built on the T3 Framework! This Joomla! 3.0 ready restaurant template is built around the K2 component. The design is in line with Bang2Joom's philosophy of minimalism.

We Armenians are considered to be very hospitable! Ladies and gentleman, take your seats please, get your forks and knives and get ready for a real treat! We are going to spice up your food! This template is the perfect tool to build a professional website for your Restaurant or Hospitality business! Get yours today!

Food Mood, with its unique design and great features, allows Joomla! users surf the restaurant theme website with delight!


The Tastes and Flavours of Food Mood 

Food Mood comes packed with all of the features we usually have with our templates. What catches eyes at first glance? Food mood features nice and elegant homepage image slider – B2J Aquarius Layer Slider with its cool layer effects.

The template has useful social media buttons with the help of Bang2Joom Social Sharer Plugin. One of the most important advantages is that it is delicious and fully responsive. So, Joomla! users can enjoy it on all screens. We also have built in four color presets, so feel free to play with them! B2J Food Mood Template is supported on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE9/10 browsers.

Beautiful online menus, Reservations, 404, Our History and Our Team pages, 2 Photo gallery modes and much more... We have also included mighty B2J extensions created by Bang2Joom developers for a clean, professional website, such as B2J Alfheim Image Gallery PRO, B2J Aquarius Layer Slider, B2J Calendar for K2 and the soon to be released B2J Contact Component.


Joomla! users are able to get the needed info, look for recipes, and add some. We have also included some traditional Armenian dishes' recipees, so have a look at the Ingridients and Preparation method and become a real Joomla! cook! 

Food Mood - Present your food business with clean and minimalist style from Bang2joom! 

Be sure to check out the live demo of Food Mood to see this deliciousness in action. 



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