B2J Contact

Release 2.1.19 (Oct 22nd, 2018)

Bugfix Warning: count(): issue with PHP 7.2 is fixed.

Release 2.1.18 (Jul 17th, 2018)

Feature Added Recaptcha Support.

Release 2.1.17 (Jan 11th, 2017)

Bugfix Don't drop the extension tables on uninstallation.

Bugfix Don't process the form if files are uploaded on the form which does not support file upload.

Bugfix Added CSRF token checking on form post.

Release 2.1.16 (Jan 11th, 2018)

Bugfix Update url has been added in component and it is freely available for some time.

Release 2.1.15 (Jun 11th, 2017)

Bugfix Fix in file uploader.

Release 2.1.14 (Mar 3rd, 2017)

Bugfix File extension check is made case-insensitive.

Release 2.1.13 (Jan 14th, 2017)

Bugfix Security issue fixed in uploader.

Release 2.1.12 (Sep 4th, 2016)

Bugfix Issue on new no line between field values in email, is fixed.

Release 2.1.11 (Aug 3rd, 2016)

Bugfix Issue with Joomla 3.6, of not able to save contact form is fixed.

Release 2.1.10 (July 27th, 2016)

Improve Html support in admin emails is added.

Bugfix Replacing existing fieldgroup when new field group is created.

Bugfix Fixes in token replacement when symbols are there in input.

Bugfix Increased TDL limit for email validation.

Release 2.1.9 (Jun 12th, 2016)

Bugfix Language Tokens for calendar for date type field are added.

Release 2.1.8 (May 12th, 2016)

Improve Tokens are added in submitter email.

Release 2.1.7 (May 7th, 2016)

Bugfix Added required class when labels are displayed inside the fields.

Release 2.1.6 (Apr 28th, 2016)

Bugfix Fixed display issue in Dropdown list.

Release 2.1.5 (Apr 14th, 2016)

Feature Submitter as Email Sender, option added to update email sender information by user's email or not.

Improve Automatic update notification for new update about B2J Contact is removed.

Release 2.1.4 (Apr 7th, 2016)

Improve Now "User" will not be set as reply to name when email is send to Admin.

Bugfix Issue if Invalid Address with Joomla 3.1.5 is fixed.

Release 2.1.3 (Mar 21st, 2016)

Feature Radio type field is added.

Bugfix Fix in responsiveness of large text in label.

Release 2.1.2 (Jan 12th, 2016)

Feature Token replacement of posted data added in email content.

Bugfix Email validation issue is fixed.

Bugfix In case of external url do not apply Joomla routing.

Release 2.1.1 (Dec 2nd, 2015)

Improve Removed deprecated code of Joomla

Release 2.1.0 (Dec 2nd, 2015)

Improve Removed deprecated code of Joomla

Improve Made it compatible for Joomla 3+