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This is user documentation of Joomla! module B2J Calendar (displays K2 items as events on Calender). Document describes module requirements and installation and how to use it. 


B2J Calendar for K2 is a feature-rich and yet simple calendar module for displaying events with their brief description. It is based on K2 component and uses it's items to display the events on the calendar. The module is fully responsive, in case of resizing its parent container, it is resized too. B2j calendar can use AJAX mode to load items via AJAX. 

Requirements & Installation 

1. Requirements

  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Joomla 3+ 

2. Installation

  • Download install-able kit from Product Page.
  • Go to your website's admin panel => Extensions => Extension Manager.
  • Upload the downloaded kit and click on install.

3. Upgrade

To upgrade the module, you just need to install the new version kit on your existing setup. Need not to un-install the previously installed version.
Important: If you uninstall the module you will lose all the settings you have.

How to use it? 

The installation process of B2J Calendar for K2 is very easy, but there are few steps, which need to be done before the module installation. The first step is to install the K2 component. After you are done with its installation, you need to create a K2 category, and add some items in it. If you are not familiar with K2 component, check K2 Documentation . The process is almost the same as Joomla! native article management.
B2J Calendar will display the added items as events, and users will be able to visit event pages directly from the calendar (doesn’t relate to the future items).

Let's take look at the module back-end now. When you open the back-end for the first time, you may receive an alert which says "K2 Component is not detected, this module only works with K2 component. Please visit to download it. This message pops up only if you don't have K2 component installed. If everything is ok, all fields are ready to be configured for the calendar.

The B2j calendar has 3 sections to configure

1. Basic Settings

Module class suffix - allows you to add a class to calendar parent div.
Module width - this parameter is to put the calendar in its maximum width, because it has the ability to resize (only becoming smaller) itself, depending on the space it has got. This is done to provide the module with responsiveness.
Calendar Mode - B2J Calendar module can work in 2 modes- Blog style and AJAX style.

Blog Style calendar displays items from ONLY one k2 category, and when clicking on a date on calendar you are moved to a k2 category view with items on corresponding date.
AJAX style calendar can fetch items from one or more categories, and also from subsidiary(children) categories. When clicking on a date, a category view for the corresponding date items is opened inside the calendar with some basic info, and in case of clicking on the item title, you will go straight to k2 item page (not relates to future items). This mode is called AJAX for the reason that the items are fetched with AJAX.
Select K2 category - (only if Blog style is selected) - You need to choose the k2 category, from which calendar will fetch items. If this dropdown is empty, go to K2 categories,create a category there and add items to it.
K2 Filter (only if AJAX style is selected) - You can filter K2 calendars by selecting them manually or can use all categories at once.
Choose K2 categories (only for AJAX style) - If K2 filter is on ('Select' option is selected), one or more K2 categories are available to choosing here.
Inherit Children Categories (only if AJAX style is selected) - If the category selected above has subsidiary (children) categories, this parameter decides whether to fetch children category items or not.
Date Type - You may specify the date to be used to fetch items, choosing Published date or Created date.

Select Starting Weekday - You can select Sunday or Monday to be a starting weekday in the calendar.

Maximum number of items (only if AJAX style is selected) - The option to set maximum number of items fetched in calendar's category view.
Show Only Active Days - Displays the event days differing in style from the days without any events.
Show Future Days - Allows calendar to fetch items with future dates.
Show Item Count - Is to show the number of k2 items in the calendar,
Border Size - Configures the Border size of the calendar. Not recommended to put values more than 3-4.
Font Size - Configures Font size of the calendar. Due to responsiveness this value may change to make the calendar look nicer then resized.

2. Item part's Priorities

Date, Title, Introtext - Only these values are available in category view of the calendar. Any of these can be hidden with putting the radio button in front of them to 'off'. The order of values mentioned can be changed via the number field in front of them. Also they can be floated to left or right. So, basically the ordering can be same for two or even for all the values. You can also have two fields with the same ordering and same floating.

Title settings - You can customize the title settings by specifying Title Font Size, Title Font Color, Title Limit and Title End. Title limit can be specified in two ways - how many words to show in title ot how many characters to show. The Title End parameter specifies the last character for the title, for example three dots (...) can be added here.
Date and Time Settings - Date Font Size, Date Font Color and Date and Time formats can be specified. PHP formatting is used to format the dates, for example Y-m-d, etc.

Introtext settings - Here the all parameters are the same as the Title settings.

3. Color Settings 

Color preset - Calendar module has predefined presets to be used.

Default - This preset is the default one, and the colors for it are hard coded in css files.
Custom - When custom preset is selected, calendar module is going to use the colors specified in the fields under the Color Preset. This is the only preset when these colors are used.
Albumen - A beautiful color preset, which was born with our B2J Albumen Template . It uses css with corresponding name in tmpl/css folder.
Food Mood - B2J Food Mood Template preset. It uses css with corresponding name in tmpl/css folder.
Bali - B2J Bali Template preset. It uses css with corresponding name in tmpl/css folder.
Manook - B2J Manook Template preset. It uses css with corresponding name in tmpl/css folder


When I open module backend I get an alert which sais "K2 Component is not detected, this module only works with K2 component. Please visit to download it". What should I do then?
You need to download and install K2 component from . The B2J calendar modules works only with K2 component.

Why the future items are not clickable in AJAX mode, in category view?
K2 component can't show future items by itself, so actually there is no link for those items.

I want to write custom css for calendar, how do I do that? Try changing the colors from the back-end by selecting the custom Preset. If you decide to write your own code, which is btw not recommended, write the css in your template file, for not losing new styles after module updates.

When I press on any date, it displays items from wrong date.
This problem appears because of the timezones. Please check the timezones.