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This is user documentation of Joomla! component Joom Downloads. Document describes how to add a or multiple releases in the product.

How to add Releases in Product?  

# Create Product

Before creating Release, you need to create a Product for this. You can learn more about it from our other documentation about Products.

# Create Release

Under release section, you can configure the file(s) that needs to be served to customer for a product. Each file is binded with a product and must be marked with some versioning info. This versioning information is what user can see on the front-end. Below parameters needs to be filled up for configuring release/file:

Add release file

  • Product : mention the product this file belongs to
  • Version : mention the version of the file, this version information will be visible to user on front-end so that user can decide which version to download
  • Published : Published state of the release file
  • File : Select the file that will be served to customers.

# Display

These releases will be displayed with Product and its url will be SEO Friendly according to product url.


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