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This is user documentation of Joomla! component Joom Downloads. Document describes how apply access control on product download according to user group.

How to add access control according Joomla Usergroup?  

# Enable Plugin

When you install the component, few plugin also get installed. Go to Plugin manager and search for Joom Downloads JUsergroup Plugin. This plugin must be enable for access control by Joomla Usergroups.

# Edit Release

Now, edit the release in admin panel for which you want to apply access control. You will see Configure Download Access section in right panel. There you need to select the Usergroups for which you want to allow download access. You can select single of multiple usergroups.

# Cases

There are some cases which is frequently used. If you want to

  • Allow all to download the selected product release then select Public usergroup.
  • Allow only Guest to download the release, select Guest usergroup. 
  • Allow all registered users, then select all usergorups except Public and Guest.
  • Allow users of some particular usergroup, then select only those usergroups.


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