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This is user documentation of Joomla! component Joom Downloads. Document describes how to use Category section in the extension 

How to configure Categories? 

Under this section you can create multiple categories in which you can list different products. This categorisation helps to display all the products belonging to same category under same roof. Below are the parameters that you need to fill up while creating category :

Create Category

  • Title : Title of the category
  • Alias : Alias of the category
  • Image : Image representing the category
  • Description : Details of the category
  • Metadata title : Primary descriptor of the category content, it is used for SEO purpose
  • Metadata description : Short summary of the content of current category page
  • Keywords : Comma separated list of search terms
  • Published : Set the category publish state.


# Create Menus

You can create menus for categories, which will display the list of product for particular category in front-end.


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