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This is user documentation of Joomla! component Joom Downloads. Document describes how to manage custom fields in Joom Downloads.

How to add custom fields and show them at different positions?

# Enable Plugin

When you install the component, few plugin also get installed. Go to Plugin manager and search for Joom Downloads Fields Plugin. This plugin must be enable for managing custom fields.

# Edit or Create Category with Custom Fields

Custom fields can be configured at category level only. So you need to create a category with fields or edit existing category for adding fields. In edit screen of category under Fields tab, you will see screen like below.

Here you will see 4 sections, in which Product Left Panel, Product Overview and Product Specification are positions of Product page, on which fields from Fields section will be displayed. You can create fields in Fields section's buy clicking on Create Field button, then you can drag the field from Fields section to any position you want. You can also set ordering for fields but dragging the fields inside its own position section.

  • Product Left Panel : It is a position of front-end product display, where the fields will be displayed. 
  • Product Overview : Product overview the position just bellow title of product.
  • Product Specification : This position shows custom fields in tabular format and below product description.

# Create Fields

Click on Create Field button in edit category screen under fields Tab. A popup will be displayed. Enter the details of field and select a proper field from select list, which you want to use and click on save. 

After creating some fields, you can drag the field at any of three position and save the category. You can drag same field at multiple position but the value of that field for particular product will be same at all position.

# Fields

Here we have some mostly used fields.

  • Header : This fields works as Header of group of fields. In case you want to categories fields then put a header field first, after that other fields. 
  • Link : This can be used to show a hyperlink on product page. You can give it any class like 'btn btn-danger' to make it a Red colored button. More than this you can display any icon with title by adding any Font Awesome class or any other icon class (if your template has) in Icon Class parameter.
  • Select :  A field with list of options can be created using this type of field.
  • Text : A simple input text field to take dynamic value for each product.

# Edit Product

After all above setup, you need to create product or edit product of that particular category. You wont see any fields in product screen until you save it with particular category. Fill the values of fields and save it. Fields with empty value won't be displayed on product page.


# Front-end Disaply

When you see the product at front-end, then fields will be displayed like below.

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