Function90's Joomla Extensions


Let us introduce . Function90 is organization which has developed various Joomla Extension, like JoomProfile ( a Joomla User Profile Management), Content Filter, Registration Validation, Pre Registration Email Validation and etc. From April 2016, Function90 is part of Codextrous Software Pvt. Ltd. Now we will give new updates and support for these extensions. In future we may merge function90's website into Codextrous itself. Mean while you can find list of extensions below.

Joom Profile

Joom Profile is a Joomla component for user profile management by adding custom fields and profile image. It extend Joomla profile with Privacy, Security, Registration Validation, Keyword Search and many more. It has very eye soothing user interface which makes more powerful.

Content Filter Pro

It is a Joomla! plugin which filter the content of an article according to users' Joomla! usergroup, username and user ids. It filter the content of Joomla Article, K2 item, Seblod, FlexiContent or any other content which trigger the event "onContentPrepare" and "onContentBeforeDisplay".

Registration Validation Pro

This plugin mainly validates the basic fields of the registration form that are username, email and password. Apart from checking required and valid email it can allow registration for selected domain only say gmail and yahoo using the regular expression feature.

Assign UserGroup Timely

Assign UserGroup Timely plugin allows your website to have power of upgrading users access level by changing their user-group after a time period. Like initially when a user register at your website, he will be assigned 'UserGroupA'. Now you want that user should be upgraded to new user-group that is 'UserGroupB' after 1 week (7 days). This is perfectly possible with this plugin. You can assign unlimited number of user-groups.
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