raw raj
raw raj
I don't understand why this css was added right into the Page

Now my form is floated right and the modules are to the left.
Even though the css of template floats the container to the left. This code
#maininner {
float: right;

Overrides it and it just switches the layout.
How can I remove this without touching the core code.
Why would u even put this in there.

I was seriously thinking of getting a membership here when I got an email. Thank god I did not.
First I find out a bug where required fields are not refused
But in my component it shows my version is uptodate.
I upgrade it and all my forms are gone.
Well after frantically getting it all done from a scratch(I had 10 pull down menus)
I create all the menus everything again

Now my form has moved to the right and the modules side bar has moved to the left. I have not way to override with a custom css cause your css is written into the page. WHY WHY!
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