5 Beginner's questions

Love the Component!!! Already have a form designed. It works.

Five questions I can't figure out:
1) I put text in the Placeholder but it only shows on the front end if I click on the Text next to the field. Is there a way to see it without clicking?
2) I don't understand what a Group is. Do you use it to group Fields on a Form or to group Forms of a certain type or what?
3) I have a Date Field. On yours in the Demo if you click into it a calendar comes up. When I click into from the fronted, no calendar pops up. Is there a way to get the calendar to pop up?
4) I have my form in an article using Modules Anywhere. It works fine whether I publish B2J Contact Module or not. And it doesn't seem to care about Module position. Does this make sense?
5) What is the Label Field?

Thanks in advance,
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