This is surely not a widespreaded problem, but on the other side, it doesn't do anything bad.

So on many sites i'm deleting the JavaScripts out of the joomla-Header in order to get a goot Page-Speed ranking.
By putting the jquery.js at the end of the html-code, the functions of B2J-contact which display the name of the fuilds (when selecting name INSIDE Fields) doesn't work anymore.

The basic functions however are working well.

So i added the "placeholder" tag in the fieldsbuilder.php and so the script is working fine even without the jquery in the header area.

For example:


$result = '' .
$this->LabelHtmlCode .
'' .
'' .
$this->DescriptionByValidation($field) .
'' .

return $result;

Maybe there are three or four positions to add this code to get it working.
My question is: Could those codes be added in the standard file since they won't do something badly?
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