B2J Calendar for K2 v 2.2

Here is a topic from on of our good users/testers esedic:

I tested and played around with new version of this module and here is my feedback.

Important thing to mention is that B2J K2 calendar looks for Start published day instead of Creation date, as default K2 calendar does. I got really confused at beginning because items were not displayed in calendar as I was looking at Creation date.

Another thing which I was expecting to be solved in different manner is inclusion of subcategories.

Pardon me if I'm wrong, but the only way to include subcategories in calendar is in AJAX mode, right? I guess this is not the solution for a lot of the people who need subcategories items in calendar, because not everybody want to display results inside module container.

Would it be hard to change html container inside AJAX call for results display? Or maybe show it as an optional select?

I had similar situation with K2 Filter and Search Module which also displayed results inside module container and it was very simple to change jQuery AJAX code to load results for example inside .

But in the end, B2J calendar is a big improvement and great module, I will post review on JED during the weeken,.

Let's discuss it here!
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