I have battled with a whole bunch of contact forms and then found yours that I like and it works, which I have struggles with. Sadly however it causes a plugin that I need to use to fail.

If I activate B2J Contact then any K2 articles using NoNumber Tabs fail to load. I would love both to work.

Articles with the tabs in at the moment are in this section - it was an improvement I was rolling across the site.

All of the little monster K2 articles on this page have tabs in. http://www.projectisabella.com/index.php/little-monsters

I have 2 Contact forms on the site.

They are here - a component http://www.projectisabella.com/index.php/social-blogging/contact-project-isabella

and here - a module. http://www.projectisabella.com/index.php/subscribe-and-win-100-graphics

I have enclosed login details for you - I hope you can help. Many Thanks

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