Hi there,
I have built up a website on my own server with B2J Contact working fine, see at the really bottom of the page:

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Now I moved this site to an other domain, and there B2J is not loaded completely, see:

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It seems that no css and captcha files are being loaded. The module wants to access to


but there are no such folders or files.

What is causing this problem?

Best regards,
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    Tuesday, August 15 2017, 01:49 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Martin,

    Can you please let us know, whether the server where your new domain is pointing to is same server (on which your 1st domain is pointing) or a different server.
    If it is different a server then can you please compare the php configuration on both of the servers.
    It seems like some configuration setting is causing this issue, the way file paths are getting generated on both of the servers are different and it actually depends upon the server and machine.
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