Cant get my head around this? Issue

There are only 7 useable templates (3.x compatible) and while they look appealing I just cannot justify $99, which once I click the Join Now button the price jumps to a totally ridiculous price option. Even your lowest price of $399 goes so far beyond GREED that it is not funny. How on earth do you justify ANY of this at all? You are not even using your own framework and even then half of the demo sites are broken. One would think if you feel justified in these insane prices at least the demos would work. Sorry but you are to new and obviously delirious if you think there is a chance in hell that anyone in their right mind is going to pay you what you think you are worth! I would not even give you the $99 you offer on the homepage (you know the one that links to the three only options $799, $399, $469), which even there you pulled some random numbers out of your orifice. Do you suppose you will one day wake up and realize that you are NOT all that, and you NEVER will be all that and offer a realistic price schedule? As it is now I will NOT be coming back to this site!!!
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