Captcha reload-button does not work

hello together,

i installed b2j contacts. on my local xampp installation, the formular works fine without any problems.

since i transfered the website to my web space, the captcha-refresh-button does not work!

even if i press the refresh-icon, there will be no new captcha loaded. i am getting the error:
error 1064 
Duplicate entry 't8fdgh0nh0cuuvckoagv4h31e5t5ka97-226-0-captcha_answer' for key 'index' SQL=INSERT INTO x1v_b2jcontact_sessions (id, b2jcomid, b2jmoduleid, bid, keyword, birth, data) VALUES ('t8fdgh0nh0cuuvckoagv4h31e5t5ka973pqdpcu3r1tch2697na0', 226, 0, 1, 'captcha_answer', '2015-04-22 14:45:36', '6BPay');

whats wrong? can anybody help me?

thanks. cheers, tom
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