Since all mails come in as 'User' this is difficult to distinguish.

In my case I have the user name as first field in form requested.

With this code change you the real name will be used. If not available, the first part of the eMail will be used (should be part of this extension).

replace in b2jadminmailer.php
$replayTo[] = 'User';

$user = 'User';
if (isset($this->FieldsBuilder->DynamicFields[1][1][0]->b2jFieldValue))
$user = $this->FieldsBuilder->DynamicFields[1][1][0]->b2jFieldValue;
else {
$user = $this->FieldsBuilder->senderEmail->b2jFieldValue;
$pos = strpos($user, '@');
if ($pos > 0)
$user = substr($user, 0, $pos);

$adminemailreplyto['1'] = $user;
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