Could not instantiate mail function


I am getting "Error while sending the email. Could not instantiate mail function." error while trying to send an e-mail using B2J Contact, despite the fact e-mail sending works for Joomla's built-in contact form. Currently mail is set to PHP Mail in Global Configuration.

Why B2J Contact form is unable to instantiate mail function? What is causing the problem? How can I fix it?

EDIT: Joomla version 3.3.3

One of fields in my contact form is user's e-mail address. It is set as default in B2J Contact settings.
I've found out the form is sent, but only when:
- the e-mail address is in my web site's domain (for PHP Mail),
- the e-mail address equals SMTP user (for SMTP mode).
In both cases an user cannot enter it's own e-mail address as he/she supposes to be able to.
It seems either Joomla or server is treating this user entered e-mail as sender's e-mail and rejects it as belonging to other domain.

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