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first I would like to thank you for your module, it really looks great !

Only thing is it acts a bit weird : the K2 way (using the standard Tool module) is to use the creation date as the date of the event.
Many of us have used this creation date that way, while using the publishing date for the day you want the event to be visible by your visitors...

But your module does the contrary ! The publishing date is the one taken into account in the calendar view.

At first, this seems like a no-brainer : just swap the two dates and go. But of course, this means it displays events that are not yet published, thus the 404 we get when cliquing on it is perfectly normal... but also really disappointing as well :)

That can't be a normal behavior : cliquable links, be it future dates, HAVE to link to the real page, not a 404.

My suggestion ? Just follow the standard way and take the creation date as the event's date, respecting the publishing dates for what it is : a way to automatically make an event appear and disappear.

That way you ensure that your module is a real upgrade from the standard K2 module, and that he respects the way events are already set by lot of its users.

I am already tweaking your code to get that behavior, but I can only get the calendar view working for now. My SQL skills are pretty weak I guess !

Whatever you decide, thank for your module anyway.

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