Email field - Default=yes - test this

Hi all,

Could somebody, yes you, please, do this simple and quick test?

a. At the back end, B2J Contact Manager: Contact, under Fields, for Email field - select Default option=Yes.
b. At the front end pretend you are submitter of Contact form and fill out the Contact form and send the form 4 times with different Email addresses.

Use these addresses when you are filling out the form:

1. [email protected] (any email from your website)
2. [email protected] (exactly this or real yahoo email, if you have one)
3. [email protected] (exactly this)
4. [email protected] (exactly this or real gmail email address)

My results are: I received only 2 Email from Contact form. Yahoo and Gmail didn’t get through.

I am not sure:
#1. If my settings are not correct or
#2. if something is wrong with this Component.

I still hope, that #1 is the case.

What are your results?
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