Email not formatted !

Already posted this question before, but as not an answer came, I might not have been clear.

I created some contact forms

Upon submit the form is send to us as well as a confirmation to the submitter.

The mail to us is properly formatted, with linebreaks and spaces where they should.

The (confirmation mail) to the submitter arrives at the submitter without formatting: So, no spaces or linebreaks, just one very long continuing line. Looks very clumsy . . .

Anyone has a clue if I missed some stetting, or could have made a mistake or so. Any help greatly appreciated.

I use Joomla 3.2.4 with B2J Contact 2.0. Mail settings: SMTP with authentication.

If you want to test, go to
Please be so kind as to fill in as your name the word "Test only" (To avoid confusion for us)
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