the B2J Calendar for K2 is really cool.

But there are some features I think would make it even cooler ;-)

I am thinking of a plugin, that extends K2 articles with:

- Event location (Adress)
- Start date (date and time)
- End date (date and time) - to display events that span more then one day
- checkbox "whole day" and disabling end date
- Recurring: No, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
- If Recurring - End date

In the module the new plugin based fields then can be used to display events in the calendar - so no need for create date or publish date


In my case it would be great in addition to the above described functionality to connect K2 event articles to other articles.
So if I have articles for locations, I can connect the location to the event and show all events for the location in the location K2 article, or vice versa the user can navigate from the event K2 article to the location article.
And than I have K2 articles for companies - if I could connect the company article with the event article as e.g. attendee I could display all events (e.g. fairs) the company attends in the company K2 article. ....but that's maybe too specific ;-)

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    Monday, October 07 2013, 02:25 PM - #Permalink
    Interesting points !

    So basically you want the calendar to support full event functionalities.

    We will consider all your suggestions, thank you.
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