Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive updates to the Codextrous extensions?
You will be notified about updates to our extensions via the update section on your Joomla! website back-end. Or you can refer our site for extension updates. Log into your user dashboard on and download the update to your extension from there.
Can I remove the copyright notice in the footer of my template?
Yes, you can remove it by unpublishing the copyright module in the back-end of your Joomla website.
Will I have access to the source files (PSD) when I purchase one of your templates?
No, you will not have PSD files with the tempalte/quick starter.
Do You Have Demos Available?
Yes, every single Codextrous extension has its own demo accessible right on their pages for you to explore.
What is a quickstart package?
A quickstart package includes the default Joomla! structure files plus all the modules and extensions that are shown on the demo of a template. By installing the quickstart package, you will get the same look of the template as it is on the demo page.
Can I purchase just one template?
Yes, you may purchase just one template. In this case you will receive access to that very template and will get updates and support only for that particular extension.
Are there limits on the number of times I can download your products?
There are no limits to the amount of times you may download the products you have purchased during the term of your subscription.
I have paid for a template/component/module/plugin, how do I receive my downloads?
Thank you for choosing to purchase our premium products! After making your purchase, please find your extension package on the product page itself. Download option is available there as well (you must be logged in).
I really like your work! Do you do custom development jobs?
Thanks much! Yes, we do custom development jobs.If you think you have something really special and challenging on your mind that can be worth our time, let us know!
Can I redistribute the products I have bought of you?
The PHP code portions of product that interacts with the Joomla! CMS are released under the GNU/GPLv2 license. All images and cascading style sheets (css) files are not to be redistributed or repackaged for sale or for free on any cd, website or other medium without written consent from Codextrous. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.
What licenses are your products under?
The PHP code portions of Codextrous products related to the Joomla! CMS are released under the GNU/GPLv2 license. Unless otherwise stated, all images, JavaScript codes and cascading style sheets (css) files are released under a Proprietary Use License under the Creative Commons.
Can I use your products on third party/client sites?
Yes, your purchase affords you support on any third party and client sites that you work on.
What payment methods do you accept?
We are using Paypal as a payment gateway, so we accept all the payment methods that Paypal allows, including Visa, Mastercard, Paypal account , American Express, etc.
So, I can get official support by posting forum only in case I have bought commercial extension from you, right?
Yes, indeed, our forum system is the only way of getting in touch with Codextrous and receiving the official Codextrous Customer Support. And only those who have purchased commercial extensions and/or have an active subscription can get this type of a support.
What are your support hours?
We have support from Monday through Friday from 10 am – 6:PM (GMT+:5:30). Our developers attend to all support requests as soon as possible, however there may be short delays during weekends, public holidays or when we are asleep (Our time-zone is GMT+5:30).
Where do I contact for support?
If you are using commercial extensions then you can ask on our forum or alternatively you can drop us a mail using our Contact us form. Before contacting the support team, you should first read through these FAQ questions or search our forum to see if it has been already answered on these section.
In which language do you provide support?
We provide support in English language only.
Can I share or sell my account?
No, you cannot share or sell your account. If this happens, your account will be blocked.
I can't remember my username and password! What do I do?
You may use the password reset form or if you forgot your username, you can use this form to be reminded.
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